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- You need to build a wastewater treatment system for pigs, cows, etc. with reasonable cost, stable operation to meet discharge standards, and low operating costs.
The Company's wastewater source is a problem that needs to be solved to ensure environmental requirements.
- Need to find a reputable environmental treatment company to treat wastewater from pig, cow, ... and handle environmental problems.
- The wastewater treatment system of the facility you own often has problems, the parameters in the wastewater from raising pigs, cows, etc., after treatment, fluctuate and are difficult to control.

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Introduction of pig farming wastewater treatment service
Viet Water JSC provides Livestock Wastewater Treatment Company to customers with optimal technology solutions, in line with the goal of EFFICIENCY and REDUCING COST for investment and operation.

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Components of pig farming wastewater
Vietnam's livestock industry has a long history and has made great contributions to the economic structure, poverty alleviation as well as living standards for many years. Currently, following the trend of a transitioning economy, Vietnamese livestock production has also taken new steps and achieved certain results. In particular, the pig industry is one of the very developed industries in Vietnam. And coupled with the treatment of pig breeding wastewater is also of concern today.

Pig farming wastewater is a mixture of urine, barn toilet water, washing water, etc. The composition of livestock wastewater is very rich, including suspended solids, inorganic or organic dissolved substances. organic matter and most often a mixture containing N, P, in addition, livestock wastewater also contains many microorganisms, pathogenic parasites, fungi, ... and some other pathogens.

Therefore, the treatment of livestock wastewater is a necessary issue for businesses, establishments, and households. When the company treats livestock wastewater, it will create a fresh water environment and the unpleasant stench will be lost, without affecting the surrounding residents, employees, and business families.

2. Flowchart of wastewater treatment technology swine farming

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Biogas recovery wastewater treatment technology proposed by the Company ensures the efficiency of wastewater treatment after treatment meets QCVN 62-2016/BTNMT standard.

The pig farming wastewater treatment system according to the farm scale is operated automatically, in addition, there is also a manual operation mode when there is a technical problem.

Explanation of pig farming wastewater treatment technology
- Biogas tanks / tunnels are researched and designed by Viet Water Company with specialized construction techniques to ensure thorough treatment of high pollution indicators.

- The retention time of water in the biogas cellar is enough to effectively treat wastewater with large organic pollution, with this retention time will ensure the highest treatment efficiency.

- In the Biogas Tunnel, under the influence of high-speed microbial preparations and the action of anaerobic microorganisms, the wastewater will ferment, reducing the content of pollutants in the wastewater, and at the same time Biogas is produced back to production.

- In addition, biogas tunnels are also designed with systems to disturb wastewater inside the tunnel, to avoid sedimentation and create the most thorough biogas (CH4) production conditions.

- The water after the treatment system will be stored into the biological pond for use for purposes such as irrigation, fish farming or discharge into the environment.

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Construction solutions for pig farming wastewater treatment
Currently, there are many methods of constructing livestock wastewater treatment systems. Depending on the actual situation at the enterprise, we have different system layouts. Viet Water would like to offer the most suitable construction method for the farm scale, wastewater flow > 50m3/day.

With the characteristics of the farm scale, large wastewater flow, unlimited land area. The system of livestock wastewater treatment company will be designed with HDPE tarpaulin to save investment costs and be suitable for actual conditions.

Advantages of technological solutions for wastewater treatment of pig farming
- Low initial investment cost.
- Thoroughly handle pollution, creating a pollution-free, disease-free environment for farms and livestock establishments - ensuring hygiene standards for processing plants.
- Biogas recovery is active as an energy source for on-site production.
- Low operating and maintenance costs for the treatment system.
- Simple operation.Operation

Typical projects on livestock wastewater treatment

Biogas wastewater treatment system 10,000 Head livestock farm in Dak Nong.
Biogas wastewater treatment system According to the clean development mechanism Nutifood Gia Lai farm.

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